May. 11th, 2014 11:05 am
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Having trouble getting started today.

There are several things that I want and need to do:

  1. Sort, organize, and otherwise Deal With all of the papers I have stacked here and there.

  2. Do my laundry.

  3. Clean my room (vacuum, etc.)

  4. Bring a semblance of order to the downstairs library/office/sitting room.

  5. Grade and comment on (brief comments only!) a set of assignments for my Discovery Core class.

  6. Go get my mail and a couple of grocery items (same trip--involves a quick-ish walk

  7. "Cook and eat dinner.

  8. Read for class tomorrow.

Hey, look at that. I made a real to-do list! The items are not arranged in order of urgency. Is that a problem? I'm not sure how hard/easy it would be to prioritize...

Notice what is not on the list: watching Friday's episode of Grimm. Whoa. Did I just come up a possible thing to use as a reward for accomplishing the items on my to-do list?

Seriously, did I? I am not being facetious. I have never quite figured out how to do to-do lists. I wonder if this will really make today go better than I thought...

ETA: I just added a new item to the plan: I am going to come back here and cross each item off the list as I complete it .

ETA2: I am about to take care of #8. #5 I will do in the morning. #4 will have to wait until later this week. Not bad!
I have discovered a super easy first step to combating my writer's block. It is embarrassingly simple, and equally embarrassingly effective. Duhhh...


Seriously. Once it's open, I am almost sure to read it, and once I start reading it I simply can't resist tinkering with it. This doesn't solve every writer's block issue (what about those documents that don't yet exist, for example?), but it's a huge first step. Of course, I also have to be sitting in front of my computer, but I do that a lot, so. Yeah.

Monday Monday

Jun. 30th, 2008 02:32 pm
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I'm having a productive day today. I wrote an assignment handout for my class tomorrow, developed a lesson plan in conjunction with a librarian who's coming to my class to give a presentation (so that issue from Friday is resolved), and have almost completed the reading assignment for tomorrow. All in all...a good day so far. I'm feeling all prepared and effective. Not too efficient, though: as often happens with teaching-related stuff, prepping for this class is taking a lot more time than I wanted to spend on it. I'll have to be more efficient in my planning, in the coming weeks. It should get easier...

I'm doing my usual Monday night knitting thing with the Seattle Purlygirls tonight (they meet at the Blue Star Cafe in Wallingford every Monday). Between now and then I'm planning to spend an hour or so finishing up this reading, then maybe doing some work on my dissertation. Tomorrow morning I'll finalize my lesson plan, make a few Powerpoint slides, and get my ass over to campus by 12:30pm (class is at 1pm).


Dec. 17th, 2007 12:45 am
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microsoft word SUCKS!!!!!!!

it is the only only only program that EVER freezes my mac!

this is a pretty rare occurrence, but it has happened enough that i tend to save my work frequently, which is a really excellent habit in any case since sometimes i work on other computers. unfortunately, it just happened, and i hadn't saved my work since before i experienced a highly productive and inspired 20-minute burst of writing. i can SEE it RIGHT THERE on the SCREEN and i know it is hopelessly lost. the psychotically happy little rainbow wheel is spinning, endlessly spinning, and the program manager reads "Word (not responding)."

i am going to leave it to process while i brush my teeth....

wait...whew! it just resolved itself.

and i just successfully saved my work.

disaster averted. excuse me while i break out into a cold sweat.

man, i really really hate this fucking program. it makes life a little bit too interesting sometimes.

job stuff

Nov. 29th, 2007 03:10 pm
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well, i submitted an application packet to a local community college today. maybe they'll have something for me in winter or spring quarter. UW bothell is a distant possibility too; i applied for stuff there last year, and was promised that they'd keep me in mind this year. wish me luck.

if nothing turns up via either of those channels, and if i don't get offered anything by my department, i think i am just going to suck up the loans next quarter and live/write for as long as i can on that. if need be, i'll find a part-time job to supplement.

yeah, wish me luck with that, too.

next quarter

Nov. 28th, 2007 09:34 am
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i am registered for dissertation credits for next quarter, and i am seriously considering doing the following rather than busting my ass to find a teaching gig:

1. taking out student loans (at this point...should i bother worrying about my total student loan debt anymore??? i currently have no other debt...)
2. finding a 10-15 hour/week part time job, perhaps working in a bookstore or--HA!--a yarn shop. i would consider tutoring or some other job on campus, as long as it didn't require me to bring ANY work home with me. the purpose of having this job would be threefold: a) bring in some extra money (i could probably live on the loans, but it would be tight); b) get me out interacting with people more regularly; and c) give my days a little bit more structure.

i have established a good writing rhythm this quarter, and have built up a nice amount of momentum--the pages are accumulating. i'm not sure i want to deflect any of that energy into a new teaching assignment right now. if my goal is to finish my dissertation ASAP, it seems like i should do everything i possibly can to protect my time. (this was one of several problems i had with my last "part-time" non-academic it's something i worry about.)

the question, of course, is whether or not this will hurt my CV. i think not, as long as i'm continuing to develop myself professionally--submitting papers for publication and going to conferences, participating in groups and going to talks on campus, etc. and, of course, as long as i continue to make steady academic progress.

any ideas?
haven't posted for awhile. rambling narrative behind cut )


Dec. 29th, 2006 11:45 am
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yeah, so i went to see "bodies...the exhibition" in downtown seattle yesterday. i was in there for over 3 hours, and i can't believe the sheer quantity of notes i generated--lots! unfortunately, they don't allow photography of any kind, so i had to write down, verbatim, all of the bits of textual apparatus i wanted to remember and to be able to quote. in addition, i jotted down descriptions of the various displays in the exhibit (especially the full-body specimens), making note of what they emphasized (and in a couple of cases what they left out); the mood, the lighting, etc. i also purchased one of their catalogs, because it has photographs of many of the specimens that were on display (and a few that weren't), and is arranged according to a similar logic as the exhibition. i wish it contained the same textual apparatus, but it doesn't appear to. obviously it has a lot more text than the exhibition itself, but i was hoping for some replication of the various placards and signs, etc.

i guess i should explain a little... the first chapter of my dissertation will focus partly on this exhibition, so i had to go see it, even though i have political reservations about it (i don't want to go into it here, but would happily explain via email if you'd like). i tried to get a press pass, but nobody would return my calls or emails, and i was worried about missing it, so...i shelled out the $26.50 for a ticket. (re: missing it--the exhibition is supposed to end on december 31st, but i have seen indications that they might be extending their seattle stay until april; nevertheless, i didn't want to risk being wrong about that.)

running log

Nov. 9th, 2006 07:34 am
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running log )

glasses update

Nov. 3rd, 2006 09:54 am
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wow. i'm completely amazed at what a difference these glasses are making in my life. i don't fall asleep on my books anymore. i can concentrate on a text more fully and for longer periods of time--i.e. my eyes don't wander from the text as often, so i'm getting more reading done, absorbing more from it, and enjoying it more.

my eye doc was right. i had no idea how much i was working to focus, before. when i put my glasses on, it actually feels as if they are massaging my eye muscles. of course there are still problems: they constantly slide down my nose (i've had them adjusted at the eyeglasses store twice, and will be going back for a third adjustment on saturday); they are always smudged and also difficult to clean; and walking around in the pouring rain yesterday was a pain in the ASS because glasses covered with water droplets are a major detriment to vision, thus to navigating a world full of other bodies that don't like being run into (as well as objects i don't want to run into, and cars that i don't want running into me).

when the conditions are right, though, the glasses are a godsend. viva la vision!


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