Nov. 19th, 2008 08:13 am
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I am becoming afflicted with some kind of ick. It's probably a cold. It's in my throat mostly right now--it's that "feeling" that tells me I'm getting sick. Also I am tired. Also my right sinus is starting to feel congested. Craaaaaaaaaaap. (Imagine that said in the voice of Colonel Tigh.)

Last night I had a terrible dream. cut because this is kind of upsetting )
today's mini bliss-out moment:
walking home from the 74 bus stop, jamming to david bowie on my i-pod, i stopped (whilst "five years" played) and stuck my whole face into a bunch of lilacs and just snnniiiiifffffffed. nice. i love lilac season.

in other news: i have the dates down for my trip to michigan. it'll be the last week of may--i leave on memorial day and come back on june 1st. i wish the circumstances were happy, but it's to help move my parents from the house they've occupied since 1961, into an assisted living facility. it is going to be very traumatic for them. dad has no idea it's coming--we have no choice but to trick him into it. mom has been told, she signed the papers and wrote the deposit check, but i'm not 100% sure she fully understands, or even remembers. i think we're going to have trouble when she realizes, a month or two in, that she can't go "home."

sigh. this has me sad. obviously. but also relishing those little moments like with the lilacs. also today, i met a gorgeous dog at the coffee shop this morning. she was a border collie/blue heeler/and possibly catahoula leopard dog mix. so beautiful, smart, and remarkably friendly (often these breeds of dog can be stand offish and very work oriented). i want one.
ran 3 sloggy miles this morning. i'm not sure what's up with all of this slog. i just feel earthbound, for some reason, slave to gravity. anyway, that's 6 miles so far this week.

now about this westminster dog show. i have a real problem with many aspects of dog breeding and dog shows, frankly. i think they're stupid and bad for dogs. having said that, i had to smile when i saw in the headlines that a springer spaniel won best in show. i have always had a soft spot in my heart for springer spaniels. my aunt helen had a couple of them that were total sweethearts. she and my dad and their 2 siblings (ellen and pat, may they rest in peace) grew up with a springer spaniel named "wimpy" (i believe after the popeye character, but i might be wrong about that--when was popeye invented?). we had a field cocker spaniel (probably a mix) when i was a little kid. his name was "pooch." yes, really. he was a stray who came running in the back door one day, legend has it (i wasn't born yet). my family looked high and low for his family, but nobody claimed him. my dad was worried that the kids would get attached to him if they named him, so for that first 2 weeks when they were looking for his family, he made everybody call the dog "pooch." about the time they realized pooch was there to stay, they also realized that "pooch" had stuck as his name.

and that's the story of how the word "pooch" became a proper noun, and how sharon came to love spaniels.


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