omg these frogs are so cool i might die... instead of hatching as tadpoles, these little guys hatch as froglets!!!
sweet! pavlof volcano in alaska is fixin' to erupt. god, i really wish i could be up there where i could see it happen. they are reporting earthquakes at a frequency of about one per minute, and satellite images show lots of heat at the summit. i looked at a couple of the satellite pics--it's really neat, the peak glows white while the surrounding landscape, including another volcano nearby, shows as shades of gray. i hope it's a major, explosive eruption. it's a stratovolcano, like st helen's, so that could happen. (yeah, i admit it...i have a fascination with natural disasters. they say no towns are in danger, though, so it's not like i'm wishing death and destruction to any people or anything; and i'm willing to bet the earthquakes have already inspired most of the wildlife to vacate. i think the worst that could happen is that they might have to divert a few airplanes.)

i shoulda been a geologist. volcanoes seriously excite me. someday i would love to do a world volcano tour. if nothing else, i definitely want to climb up to the top of st helen's to look at the pretty new lava dome. they say that at the current rate of lava extrusion, the 1300' that blew off the top of st helen's will be rebuilt in about 160-70 years. that means we could see the summit fill in the crater within my lifetime. is that fucking cool or what?

i-tunes Q

Apr. 17th, 2007 08:54 pm
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so i had to re-load everything onto my new computer today. on saturday when i used the migration assistant to transfer files from my old laptop, it screwed a few things up, and after consulting with a geek guru, i decided a clean re-install of everything was a necessary step. i figured out a better way to transfer my files over, and it's pretty much done now. however...i have 6 "orphan" songs that showed up at the bottom of my i-tunes library. they are called, simply, "Track 01," "Track 01," (yes there are two of those) "Track 02," "Track 03," "Track 04," and "Track 05." Their lengths are 1:57, 3:53, 4:45, 6:17, 1:10, and 3:36, respectively. i have played them and i don't recognize the artists.

any suggestions for how to reunite these orphans with their mother albums?

added later: a second question: what to do about the sad blank space where there was no album artwork available? can i get that album artwork elsewhere? (e.g. no artwork was available for any of my beatles albums; and beck's "one foot in the grave" also remains artless. among others...)

oh, and a third question: why does i-tunes break up some albums, rather than keeping the songs together? this happened particularly with speakerboxx (several of the songs have guest artists, and when i click the "album view" option in i-tunes, it shows each song with a guest artist as its own separate album.
my new macbook is groooovy! i'm liking it a lot--using it is making me realize how sluggish and clunky my powerbook had become. i feel like the monkey in my new userpic (ripped from yahoo--it looks a little blurry, unfortunately): "i have ALL the bananas!" i'm almost all moved in to the new machine. so far it has been relatively hassle-free, just a couple of weird quirks from using the migration assistant to move a bunch of files over from my old powerbook (i didn't have a firewire cable while setting up the new machine, so i waited to migrate files...not sure i would do it that way again). i figured everything out except for one strange glitch: when i open up the "about this mac" window, and click to open the full view (where it lists out everything your computer is and everything it has), the top of the window identifies it as "sharon crowley's powerbook g4 12-inch." but of course all of the equipment listed is what's on the new macbook. this probably doesn't matter at all. i'm just wondering if there are possibly any other weird things that might be mis-labeled that do matter. anyone out there with any experience?

running log: ran 3 miles today. i took tuesday and wednesday off because i was working hard on my prospectus draft (which i turned in on wednesday). thursday was a planned rest day, and i was trying to make up for some lost sleep, so i left it at that. and then on friday (yesterday) i just didn't feel like running, so i didn't. today's run was fabulous. but i ended up at only 7 for this week. :-(

osx leopard

Apr. 13th, 2007 08:40 am
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damn. osx leopard won't be released until october. stupid i-phone...apparently they had to divert people from the osx team to work on the i-phone software so they could get that schmancy device released on time.

well, i was trying to wait until leopard came out to buy a new laptop, but i might just do it sooner. might as well upgrade before i start on the real diss writing. the new mac books are pretty reasonably priced, actually--especially considering that i get the academic discount. also, i have discovered that the uw bookstore has clearance mac books for like $800. they have the intel core 1 duo processor rather than the intel core 2 duo processor that's in the new machines. i'm still deciding whether or not i want to pay for the newer technology. the up-side is that they may have worked out some of the kinks of switching to intel processors prior to building the newer machines... the down-side is that pesky cash...

i think i'm going to buy apple's word processing software rather than using microsoft office, too. i've been talking about going microsoft-free for years now, and haven't gotten around to it. i have office now, and while i'll miss excel, i won't miss the annoying features of word. no doubt apple's software will have other annoying features... so the question now is, should i get appleworks, or should i get iwork? i would pay $39 for appleworks, $49 for iwork (love that academic pricing--they each cost $79 for those outside of the ivory tower). appleworks has spreadsheet software, which i use for grading when i'm teaching. iwork integrates with ilife programs, which in turn come with the computer. i have fooled around with the word processors in both suites, and i prefer pages to appleworks...but that spreadsheet would be nice to have... no matter which i buy, the up-side is that i already own the most recent release of office for mac (2004, student and teacher edition), so if i end up hating the apple stuff, i can always switch back and not be out that much money. (by contrast, office for mac 2004 cost me $150 when i bought it.)

shit...neither endnote nor procite (bibliography software) is compatible with either of apple's word processors. guess i'll be stuck with office for awhile yet. p.s. i'm going to have to re-buy this software. i had endnote for awhile, but it didn't work with my version of word very well, so i didn't re-install it on this machine when i upgraded to osx tiger. i was wondering if anyone out there has experience with either/both endnote or procite--specifically on a mac--and could recommend one over the other. i have been limping along without biblio software, and i just don't want to have to re-type my bibliographies again and again and again anymore, or even to transport them from document to document. ya know?
ok, this is sort of an eggcorn. potentially. but maybe not, because both spellings are offered by the dictionary, which lends some legitimacy to the spelling i think is wrong. in case you're wondering what an "eggcorn" is, look at my friend L's post on the subject; also at the eggcorn database.

i was thinking about the word "straightlaced" this morning. i'm not sure why; it doesn't matter, i just was. anyway, i think it's supposed to be spelled "straitlaced" ( gives both spellings, with "straitlaced" as the preferred spelling). straitlaced, as in..."one who lives in a moral straitjacket." you know, a straitjacket, one of those things that laces up the back (henced straitlaced); and for which the dictionary provides the alternate spelling "straightjacket" (again, "straitjacket" is preferred). wiki spells it straitjacket, and provides some nice pictures to illustrate my point.

what's my point again? a straitjacket puts you in straits, i.e. narrow confines; it restricts your movement. it doesn't "straighten" you.

or maybe it does. and that's exactly what an eggcorn is--it is a malaproprism that makes a kind of sense, somehow. like "eggcorn" is an eggcorn for "acorn," which is kind of like the egg of an oak tree, if you think about it long enough.

so my theory is that the word started out as "straitlaced" and became "straightlaced" as the word "straight" acquired the meanings "heterosexual" and "one who doesn't imbibe" or "one who follows the rules." a "straight arrow" who's on the "straight and narrow." or, "a little discipline'll straighten her out." (discipline, like a straitjacket...but that pic of the chik in a black leather straitjacket doesn't exactly inspire straightness, does it? hmmm?)

so my real point is that there's a more interesting question here than simply which spelling is right or wrong. a shift in the spelling of this one silly metaphorical term, "straitlaced," registers a far more significant cultural shift, one to which Michel Foucault devoted most of his career and several books. of straitjackets and straightening...

our language, it's, it's, it's....

jane wyatt died. she played spock's (human) mother on the star trek TV series. (does anyone know if she appeared in any of the movies?? i just watched wrath of khan and the search for spock over the weekend, and i don't remember seeing her in either of those, but i can't remember if she's in the first one or the 4th one.)

of course she was better known for playing the mom on father knows best, but to me she'll always be spock's mom.

mt. rainier

Oct. 9th, 2006 07:57 am
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i don't read the news for a couple of days, and what happens?

mt. rainier has a 4.5 magnitude earthquake!

cool. apparently it's not a prelude to an eruption, which is good. i'd love to see an eruption, but there are way too many people living way too close for me to feel any excitement about that particular volcano erupting. besides, it's the rainy season, so we probably wouldn't be able to see it from seattle anyway.

but wow! living in a seismically active area is feeding my secret inner geology geek. i've always been fascinated by rocks--all rocks, holdable and hikable alike--and where they come from, how they form. most geological processes happen so slowly we can't possibly watch the changes happen, but with volcanoes....


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