So who out there has the Sci-Fi channel and plans to watch the new BSG episode tomorrow night? Would you welcome a guest or 2? Normally I'm fine with waiting until it shows up on, but I am DYING to see this first 4.5 ep!


Aug. 7th, 2007 09:12 am
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finished watching season 2.5 of BSG with [ profile] glaucon last night. (i know, i know, my user icon is from the wrong series. but i have been assimilated, so it still fits. the borg also shares that man-machine dichotomy symbolism with the cylons, so thbbbbt!) damn. it takes a seriously weird turn. new caprica? a year gone in one episode? WTF? i watched the 10 webisodes this morning. they were ok. somewhat interesting. i guess they couldn't get too many of the principal actors to sign on for them, though, so they focus a lot on characters we haven't seen much of before--if at all.

oh, and katee sackhoff is fracking hot. ***mini spoiler alert***: i was very glad to read today that she cuts her hair back off in season 3 (which comes out on dvd when, exactly?). i hope that means she's going to get back to the serious busness of kicking ass, instead of continuing to moon after that pretty boy pyramid player. what's his name? sam? he's not good enough for her.

that is all.

(i'm off to finish organizing my bookshelves, then i have a pile o papers to sort through before digging into my dissertation this afternoon. where does all of this paper come from??? it is the bane of my existence, truly. anyway, i'm hoping to get a good chunk of writing done before my niece arrives--her plane touches down at around 5pm.)
i just finished watching the last disc, season 1, of battlestar galactica series--the new (ish) series, not the 1978 series. i got it via netflix.

helluva cliffhanger.

my advisor said i should check this series out, and i can see why. it's right in line with my research interests (though i probably won't be able to write about it for my dissertation). it's also a kick-ass series. i love it when work and pleasure coincide.

so i guess i'll be hanging from this cliff until i get the first disc of season 2 in the mail. wish netflix godspeed...


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