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Mar. 13th, 2007 11:00 am
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i ran 3 miles this morning. i didn't end up running the planned 4 miler on sunday, and also didn't run yesterday, so i'm only at 3 for the week. i didn't sleep well over the weekend, so i decided to take it easy. today's run felt wonderful. i'm probably going to do the 4 miler tomorrow instead, then 3 again on thursday.

unfortunately my heart is still acting up. running seems to help, plus i've cut way back on both stress and caffeine--i actually haven't had any caffeine at all for about 2 weeks, except what occurs incidentally in foods like...girl scouts thin mints cookies, to take a wildly hypothetical example. ;-) but it still has these periods when it can't seem to find the right rhythm. it's worst in the morning when i'm waking up, or if anything startles me or makes me feel nervous or worried during the day. yesterday evening i noticed it a lot while i was just sitting and reading, though. it would be fine for a few minutes, then act up for a couple of minutes, etc. (it's not surprising that i would notice the arhythmia more when i'm sitting quietly, but it still freaks me out.) i finished the 2-week course of tranks on friday, but the doc wrote the prescription for 1 refill in case i wanted it. maybe i should take it for another couple of weeks. i normally don't like taking drugs, but this one doesn't seem to give me any weird side effects, and it's a really low dose, so maybe it wouldn't hurt.

running log

Feb. 7th, 2007 08:39 am
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ran 2.5 today. that puts me at 8 for the week.

i also learned the truth about the graffiti'ed camper ("club ted" it says, and "3 jug buggy," among other things) that has been parked at the curb in front of our house for the last couple of weeks: there is at least one person living in it. this morning i left the house for my run at 5:15 or whatever time it was, just as a gray-haired hippie emerged from the camper and hopped onto the bike that had been chained to the sad little parkway tree.

ted, i presume. he seemed harmless enough.

that's in contrast to our next door neighbor (she and her husband own their house), who came to the door with her daughter and gave me a bright pink flyer advertising a neighborhood watch meeting to be held at her house monday evening. apparently a crime-fighting expert from the seattle PD will be there to give the neighbors tips on how to keep an eye on each other.

i predict that "club ted" will soon be asked to move along--politely, of course (of course!)--but i'm not gonna be the one to pull the plug. he's not the one who scares me.

running log

Feb. 5th, 2007 08:32 am
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ran 3 this morning, so i'm at 5.5 for the week already, and it's only monday. today's run was lovely. i hit just the right pace for my mood and fitness level, so it felt like i could run forever. afterward, while i was still outside cooling down and stretching, the fog condensed on my eyelashes. it could feel it, cool and moist on my cheeks, whenever i blinked.

i've been doing the back exercises i got from the PT several years ago, too. they are very helpful.

back exercise descriptions behind cut )

now i'm having breakfast. yogurt with a sliced banana and a little honey, if you're curious. also grapefruit juice and coffee. i love how food tastes after a run. the only time/place it tastes better is on top of a mountain i've just spent several hours climbing.

hmm. i think i just made a belated new year's resolution: this year i will hike more. over the past 3 years, transportation has been the main issue keeping me out of the woods (that's when i sold my car--december 2003), so i guess my corollary resolution is to figure out how to get myself to the hiking places more often.
ran 2.5 today. it's sunday, so that's 2.5 for the week.

i spent some time in cap hill working today, at victrola on 15th--reading sandra harding's is science multicultural?. this evening i'm reading vandana shiva's biopiracy: the plunder of nature and knowledge. diss work.

i had a great meeting with my advisor last week, and got some good feedback on my prospectus, including the suggestion to look at shiva's work on biopiracy (i've read parts of it before--i used to "do" ecocriticism); i picked up the harding text on my own initiative. she reiterated that i should read agamben's homo sacer; i told her i've been reading it, but the first section is nearly impenetrable ('s penetrable, just frustratingly esoteric). she said i should just look at the section entitled "homo sacer," just to get a good handle on the concepts of "homo sacer" and "bare life," so that's what i'm going to do. anyway, i'm going to turn in a revision of the prospectus by the 15th. she thinks i should be able to get it approved by the end of the quarter. yay!

after i left victrola, i stopped by a friend's place for an hour or so, then walked home. it was a nice walk--along lakeview blvd, under I-5, down eastlake ave, across the university bridge, then along 40th through wallingford (nice view of the city), up and over aurora (there's a little pedestrian bridge at 41st st), and home sweet home. now i'm eating a salad and some pizza that was frozen until i baked it in the oven.

and that has been my day.

running log

Oct. 17th, 2006 08:17 am
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ran 2 this morning. i somehow managed to hit just the right pace, so it felt great. that puts me at 4 for the week.


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