More Snow

Dec. 18th, 2008 09:24 am
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Wow! There are big huge flakes of snow falling right now. I think this is the most snow that I've seen fall at one time, since I moved to Seattle. It just keeps on coming.

Now where did I leave my knitting.... Wouldn't that make a quaint snow globe scene?


Dec. 15th, 2008 12:36 am
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I just finished marking my final grade reporting sheets. I'm done!!! Grades are due at 10am tomorrow. It feels really good to be on top of a deadline for once.

And then it's time to PAR-TAY! (Er...I on my dissertation.) Winter quarter starts January 5th.

Also: OMG snow in Seattle! The buses had to bust out their tire chains and everything. ('s nothing compared to the kind of snowfall I was used to in Michigan and Vermont, but Seattle also doesn't have the snowplows and salt trucks because it snows so seldom--and it's a really hilly city. I know all this, but it's still very odd to see a huge Metro bus with its back tires all chained up when there's only an inch of snow on the ground.)

The view from our front window at about 11am this morning. (There is still about this much snow on the grass.)

cold and snow

Jan. 14th, 2008 07:09 pm
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wow! look what accumulated in our yard in 10 minutes just now:

oooof. first time linking photos from flickr. hope this works... nope...gotta fix...then go figure out how to do that correctly.
i guess i'm not going to the teaching workshop after all. it is POURING out right now, and i'd have to walk several blocks in this to get to the bus stop on time. i.e. i would have to leave right now to make it. then i'd have to walk another little piece to get from the bus stop to the workshop.

i just called them to let them know i'm not coming. they were very understanding.

i feel a little bit like a wimp, here, but it is seriously coming down in buckets. i would be drenched to the skin within a block. i don't think an umbrella or a rain coat would help much, either, because it's so windy, and my rain jacket only covers to the hip anyway.

this means i won't be getting my laptop back right away, too. wah! i'll either pick it up later this afternoon (the rain has to let up, right?) or tomorrow morning.

when the rain comes,
they run and hide their heads.
they might as well be dead.
when the rain comes.
it's thundering in seattle. that so seldom happens. we've had some pretty good wind and rain up here in fremont, too.

makes me nostalgic for michigan. my dad used to call really good thunderstorms "bedspring rattlers."

thunderstorms always make me feel small and contemplative.

now i'm off to campus for a teaching workshop i signed up for. it's on how to do effective group work in the classroom. should be interesting.

i also have to pick up my macbook from the UW computer store, where i dropped it off to be repaired yesterday after lunch. they replaced the keyboard cover under the warranty--it chipped and developed a weird little crack right where my right wrist rests while i'm typing. it's not a huge chip, but it does irritate my inner wrist. the guy said he's seen a lot of macbooks crack in that exact spot. anyway, mine is still under warranty, and i also purchased the applecare extended warranty, so it's 100% covered. the guy told me it would be a few days, but they ended up having the part in stock so it's already done. yay!

(no RWP this week. maybe next.)

running log

Nov. 6th, 2006 07:52 am
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running log )


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