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happy friday.

READING: the child garden by geoff ryman. the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides. ecotopia by ernst callenbach is hibernating on my nightstand, with a bookmark sticking out about 35-40 pages from the end. (actually i think it has migrated to the 2 foot high stack of books waiting to be re-shelved.) oh, and i picked up a copy of yarn harlot: the secret life of a knitter by stephanie pearl-mcphee. (she blogs here.)

WEARING: jeans. green t-shirt. i'm doing laundry. later on i'm planning to change into clean jeans, a different t-shirt, and some sweater or other.

PLANNING: taking a trip to portland (OR, not ME) for the long weekend, to visit [ profile] evernanon, doug, and ionesco. yay, doggie doggie!!! not sure what we'll do there, except that [ profile] glaucon asked me yesterday if we could do some "tourist stuff." i was like..."sure, what tourist stuff?" and he was all..."i don't know. i've never done tourist stuff in portland." so i go..."well, we'll just have to find something i guess." and he was like..."yeah. guess so." (that's some scintillating dialog, no?) oh, here's another part of the plan: i'm going to knit in the car. oh, and we're also giving a ride to a UW person who's going to see the pinback show. interestingly, [ profile] glaucon had never heard pinback before. i happen to own their first two albums, so i was all..."wanna hear some?" and he was like..."sure."
thanks to [ profile] alice_at_night for sending me this link.

knitted condom, anyone?

i particularly love the warning notice:
Warning: People who use the knitted condom have a much higher risk of pregnancy and STDs. The knitted condom may also cause burning, chaffing, vaginal dryness, loss of errection, and extreme pain. People who want to enjoy sex should not use the knitted condom.

(i think they mean "chafing.")


Dec. 21st, 2007 11:06 am
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i have the mother of all headaches today. insomnia again last night...sort of. it was of the "busy" variety rather than the "try and fail to sleep" variety.

i made repairs and alterations to the variegated merino turtleneck i knitted a few weeks ago. i haven't been terribly thrilled with how it is wearing, as a garment. it's very fuzzy and pill-prone, unfortunately, and the elbows had bagged out pretty badly. the turtleneck had relaxed into a floppy mock-neck, too, which i didn't like. finally, i made a mistake while grafting the armpits that i needed to, it needed some needle work.

well, i opened up the turtleneck collar and ripped it back a few inches, then knit it on smaller needles (with new yarn--i had extra of the same dye lot), making it about an inch and a half longer. taller. whatever. i also opened up the armpits...which was a bitch, because the yarn had not only pilled in the amrpits, it was actually beginning to felt. i managed it, though, and the re-grafting (remembering to pick up an extra stitch on either side of the live stitches, so there wouldn't be a hole) went really well on one side. not so much on the other. somehow, despite being really careful, i managed to rip out an extra row or two. i don't know how that happened, but it took some doing to trace everything back and to make sure that i wasn't leaving any dropped stitches behind. i finally got it all closed up again, but there is some uneven tension on one side that i wasn't able to work back in very well. i did the best i could, and called it good, then washed the thing. as i type this, it is sitting on my table drying. i'm a little worried, because it looks a bit stretched out from washing.

i'm not sure i would buy this yarn again. it was wonderful to knit with--like butter--but i'm not happy with how it's behaving in my sweater. if i were going to knit the whole thing again, i would use smaller needles, i think. the yarn manufacturer recommends using 10.75's. i used 10.5's, and the resultant fabric just doesn't have enough body. i think if i had used #9's it would have turned out much better. but it's still wearable (assuming it hasn't completely stretched out in the wash), so not a disaster...just not quite the outcome i was hoping for.

oh well, live and learn. that's why i do anything.

i love this

Dec. 19th, 2007 10:31 am
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[ profile] xtingu posted this vid awhile back. i really liked it and forgot what it was called or how to find it (without going back through all of xtingu's old posts, anyway). today i was looking at a couple of knitting instructional vids on U-tube (for the magic loop cast on and for knitting on two circular needles, in case you're curious. i had already figured out the latter over the weekend, but wanted to see how a "pro" would teach it, in case i might have missed a tip or a trick; the former is just a really cool way to start a closed tube rather than an open one, which is how circular knitting usually goes--it's good for the toes of socks and such.)... anyway, this vid came up in the "more" list. i watched it again, and it resonated in a way that it hadn't, before, because my knitting obsession post-dates my first viewing. (i learned to knit when i was 18 or 19, but did not become obsessed with it until september-ish. since that time, i have nearly doubled my lifetime total of completed projects.) here it is for your viewing pleasure, in case you haven't seen it before. even if you're not a knitter, or if you're not the least bit interested in knitting, the animation is cool. i just wish they'd rendered the mechanics of knitting more accurately...

after taking a few days off from the knitting hobby, i started fooling around with this aquamarine colored cotton yarn i've had in the stash for awhile. beware of knitwit behind cut )
i finished another sweater last night. i have been a little manic with the knitting lately...going a little stir crazy, i guess. i have been having good writing days lately too (not every day, but many days), so i'm not knitting to the exclusion of my real work or anything. but still, i started this like a week and a half ago.

yarn pron with piXXX! )

(no subject)

Nov. 20th, 2007 11:36 am
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today i am wearing a sweater that i made with my own two needles. it is cozy and it makes me happy. knitterotica behind cut )
i have started a new knitting project (no pics yet--i'll post some when it's done). i'm making it with some cream yarn (lamb's pride again) that i bought a long, long, long time ago--it was marked down to half price, and they had 10 skeins left in the same dye lot, so i bought all of it. i have always been meaning to do something with it, and now i am. finally. after moving it 2-3 times in vermont, then out to seattle, then 3 times in seattle (4 if you count the move to a storage area in april 2006).

knitterotica behind cut )

it's done!

Nov. 4th, 2007 01:46 pm
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i finished [ profile] glaucon's sweater!!! he doesn't want me to post a pic of him in it, but it looks really nice on him.

pics of the completed sweater behind cut )
i thought i would post some photos of the sweater project i'm finishing up. it will be a late-ish birthday gift for [ profile] glaucon. as you'll see from the photos, the sweater does not have a collar yet; i have to add that (it will be knitted in the round) after sewing all of the seams. each panel still has a certain number of live stitches at the top--those metal things that look like big safety pins are stitch holders. they keep the live stitches from unraveling. the collar, which will probably be a turtleneck (because that's what [ profile] glaucon requested, though the pattern calls for a crew neck, and i may have to revert to that if the turtleneck doesn't look right), will grow out of those live stitches, plus a few that i will create along the top of the front panel.

it is really something to put a big project like this together--really satisfying. i'm excited to finish it. i have knitted a number of whole sweaters before: a total of 4--one adult sized, which i knitted for myself in the early 90's, and 3 of varying child sizes for the nieces and nephews i had at the time (my youngest niece had not been born yet). it has been awhile!

a professor once gave me a valuable piece of advice: when asked for a good graduate school survival tip, he said, "get a hobby." he was right. i guess i have 2 hobbies. knitting and running, taken together, give me plenty of tactile and somatic, soothing and meditative activity as a counterbalance to thinking and writing, and especially to the stress of getting overwhelmed by the dissertation as a "whole project," to say nothing of what comes afterward... these two hobbies are both good metaphors for the kind of slow and steady work that gets a dissertation written, too: step by step. stitch by stitch. mile by mile. row by row.

word by word. page by page.

meh. i know it's cheesy, but it helps my self-confidence, so :-P TBBBBTTTBTHTHTH!

knitting porn behind cut ) OK, back to work...
knitting geekery behind cut )

new link

Sep. 14th, 2007 06:27 am
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i just added a new link to my sidebar. it's for the yarn harlot, a blogger, comedian, and knitter (not necessarily in that order). i'm a sometime knitter too, so when i heard about the blog (in today's p-i), i decided to link to it.

speaking of knitting...i'm currently working on a hat for a friend. i have completed other projects, too: a sweater for myself, and sweaters for 3 of my nieces and nephews (the 4th--my second niece--had not yet been born at the time). my next project will be to complete a brown sweater (it's man-sized, not [ profile] arguchik-sized) i started several years ago. i'm hoping it will fit [ profile] glaucon. we'll see. it's somewhat close to done already--i have finished the back and the sleeves, and the front is about half knitted. then i'll just need to assemble and finish it.

i've been feeling extremely run down over the last few days--emotionally and physically wrung out. i'm not sure if it's from traveling, jet lag, or if it's from dealing with my parents' legal and medical situation. there are things we're dealing with, "we" being my siblings and myself, that i haven't blogged about and probably won't. it concerns my parents' finances. long story short: we need to take over, and have been figuring out the legal processes for doing that. at the same time, we're trying to have them medically evaluated so we can explore the possibility of getting one or both of them on one of the new anti-dementia drugs like aricept. there's a whole class of these drugs out now, but aricept is the only one i'm familiar with so far. anyway, we had a meeting with our parents' estate lawyer yesterday that went well, in terms of finding out what non-adversarial options are available to us under the legal framework that our parents put in place while they were still "all there." but it went very badly in terms of our father's response. he became extremely agitated, combative, and paranoid about the meeting (he didn't understand the purpose for it, even when we tried to explain it in very clear, simple terms), and refused to even get out of the car. so...we had the meeting without him.

most likely i'm worn out from all of this, in combination. all i've got to say is...i'm damn glad i'm not an only child. this would be excruciating if i weren't sharing it with a bunch of other people who are thinking and feeling pretty much the same things i am. my thoughts and feelings are a conflicted, tangled mess, and it really helps to be able to talk about it with my sisters and brother. i'm also just glad that i'm not carrying 100% of the responsibility on my own shoulders. the four of us together have formed a pretty useful little democracy here, and we debate our options before deciding what to do. because we are unanimously in agreement about the necessity of immediately taking legal steps to protect our parents' interests, i'm 4X more confident that we're doing the best, right thing.

p.s. unfortunately, i'm also beginning to feel like it might be time for me to relocate from seattle, to someplace that's closer to my parents. i really don't ever want to live in michigan again, but it would be nice to live within driving distance, so i could visit them more than once per year (which is all i can afford as a graduate student). one more motivation to crank on my dissertation.

(my to-do list for the next ~year and a half: 1. finish dissertation. 2. defend it and graduate. 3. find "real" job!!!)


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