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the sports medicine doc--not actually a podiatrist, as it turns out--gave me a bunch of stretching and strengthening exercises and icing instructions, and cleared me to start running again, "as tolerated." he felt around, tested the strength balance and flexibility of my feet and ankles, and said:
a) i definitely have an acute (as in...not chronic) case of plantar fasciitis; but
b) even though it's painful, it's a mild case; and
c) he doesn't see any signs of a more serious or advanced condition (like bone spurs, etc.); and finally
d) he thinks i'll get better pretty fast, as long as i ice, do the exercises, and cross-train (bike or elliptical trainer...neither of which i have access to...) on days when my feet hurt.

good news!

i'm going to try a short run (1-2 miles) tomorrow, and see how i do.

now i'm going to go make oatmeal cranberry muffins and read for a bit. was going to try writing tonight, but i'm too...restless or something.

foot log

Nov. 29th, 2006 09:30 am
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got an appt with a podiatrist (or perhaps a nurse practitioner facsimile thereof) at the sports med clinic this afternoon. will hopefully get a definitive diagnosis. this, after i could barely stand when i got out of bed yesterday morning. yesterday, due to the weather, i wasn't on my feet much; i also wore my recently retired pair of running shoes, did "toe curls" several times throughout the day, popped ibuprofin, and spent a good 10-15 minutes massaging my arches with a tennis ball before going to bed. the upshot: this morning i had almost no pain when i got out of bed. i didn't take any ibuprofin before i went to bed because i wanted to see what everything felt like in the morning so i can give the pod-doc a good summary of my symptoms.

wish me luck. also wish me luck with the dorky running shoes. i've been trying to buy a good pair of non-athletic shoes for the last 2-3 days, to no avail. i've been to the 3 "comfort shoe" stores near me--2 in the u-district and 1 in wallingford--and none of them had a pair i liked in my size. thus far, i'm leaning toward either a naot shoe or one of birkenstock's "footprints" shoes. whatever i end up with, it won't have a negative heel.
i think i may have isolated the real cause of my foot pain: my earth shoes. my feet had basically stopped hurting over the last few days. yesterday i wore my earth shoes and walked downtown a little bit, and this morning my feet are sore again.

well that's a bummer. i really liked these shoes.


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