Rising to it

Dec. 30th, 2013 10:39 am
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OK, [livejournal.com profile] boutell, I'm rising to your challenge and will make a point of posting here at least once per week during 2014. Perhaps beyond, we'll see.

It's fitting, because 2014 will be a year of big changes for me. Why not chronicle the journey?

As of now, my plan is to make my entries public. I may end up friends-locking some of them.

I need to remember how to use this platform...
I have discovered a super easy first step to combating my writer's block. It is embarrassingly simple, and equally embarrassingly effective. Duhhh...


Seriously. Once it's open, I am almost sure to read it, and once I start reading it I simply can't resist tinkering with it. This doesn't solve every writer's block issue (what about those documents that don't yet exist, for example?), but it's a huge first step. Of course, I also have to be sitting in front of my computer, but I do that a lot, so. Yeah.


Dec. 17th, 2007 12:45 am
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microsoft word SUCKS!!!!!!!

it is the only only only program that EVER freezes my mac!

this is a pretty rare occurrence, but it has happened enough that i tend to save my work frequently, which is a really excellent habit in any case since sometimes i work on other computers. unfortunately, it just happened, and i hadn't saved my work since before i experienced a highly productive and inspired 20-minute burst of writing. i can SEE it RIGHT THERE on the SCREEN and i know it is hopelessly lost. the psychotically happy little rainbow wheel is spinning, endlessly spinning, and the program manager reads "Word (not responding)."

i am going to leave it to process while i brush my teeth....

wait...whew! it just resolved itself.

and i just successfully saved my work.

disaster averted. excuse me while i break out into a cold sweat.

man, i really really hate this fucking program. it makes life a little bit too interesting sometimes.


Oct. 24th, 2007 12:02 pm
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my writing is a garbled MESS today. i cannot properly express very basic intellectual ideas, much less string them together into a coherent foundation on which to ground a cogent argument, to SAVE MY LIFE.

i believe an alchemist has transformed my gray matter into lead (which is another kind of gray matter, after all). commence reflection upon the properties of lead...






melts at a relatively low temparature.


gets your hands grubby when you handle it.

impervious to readiation.

(get it? readiation.)
i am completely in love with grapefruit juice. this, after being a hard core OJ drinker for all but the last few months of my 40+ years of life. that early morning pucker/shudder really wakes me up. OJ, when i drink it for breakfast, tastes too sweet to me now. if i wanted cloying, empty promises for breakfast, i'd eat peeps. the grapefruit's bitter edge makes it seem more trustworthy, somehow. it's the juice that will follow through. today i'm having a special treat, albeit unplanned: the store was out of my usual brand of grapefruit juice, so i bought the higher-priced container of odwalla juice. what else could i do? buy OJ? not i. i have to say, the odwalla juice is particularly delicious.

oh, and i'm turning in the latest draft of my prospectus to my committee today. what is it about completing a draft of this huge THING that inclines me to wax romantic about my grapefruit juice?
running and writing log )
hey all--
happy thanksgiving! this one has already been action-packed. spent yesterday evening assembling and baking 8 pies--6 pumpkin and 2 cherry (that means 5 recipies of crust, fyi)--with [livejournal.com profile] glaucon.

celebrating with him and a huge group of "orphans" today--18 people are expected. crazy!

i hope everyone out there has people to sit down and enjoy a meal with. of all the u.s. holidays of "too muchness," this one is my favorite. most of the others i can live without, but i really enjoy sitting down and sharing a meal and conversation with a group of nice people.

and i'm just going to reiterate a portion of [livejournal.com profile] glaucon's thanksgiving invitation: as you sit down to your meal, dig as deeply into your pockets as you do into your food, and if you have anything at all to spare, send a donation to one of the very worthy food banks or homeless shelters around. share the too muchness with those who don't have enough. [livejournal.com profile] glaucon suggests the following charities in Seattle, and i'm sure you can find something similar if you live elsewhere:

Union Gospel Mission: http://www.ugm.org (if you're religious or religion-neutral...i'm not sure how much proselytizing they do along with their services...i'm including them here because i know they do good work)
Northwest Harvest: http://www.northwestharvest.org (my choice--because i'm neither religious nor religion-neutral. you can make an online donation with a credit card, which is what i did, but not with a debit card, alas--not sure if this also means they can't run a debit card as a credit card...)

in other news, i wrote for about an hour today, and produced a really solid 3 pages of text! my project is slowly but surely coming together. it's funny, i was able to produce this much writing because i approached it as a "freewrite" rather than as work on a "draft." that let me open up more, and to articulate more clearly what i think, in my own voice.

running log

Nov. 2nd, 2006 08:13 am
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ran 2.5 today, in the rain. it was cool. running in precipitation of any kind always makes me feel faster than i really am. :-)

that's 5 for the week.

oh, and i also wrote for 2 hours last night. 2 solid hours! made me very happy.


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